Topi or not Topi
I'm not really a hat person
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*Mom voice* Is there a Groupon for that?

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I love buying new things but i hate spending money I’m so angry

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too poor for college, too rich for fafsa

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Breaking via ABC News: UN Human Rights Council votes to open inquiry into alleged war crimes in Gaza; U.S. is the ONLY “no” vote.
That’s because the U.S. is a direct accomplice to every war crime that Israel commits.




Breaking via ABC News: UN Human Rights Council votes to open inquiry into alleged war crimes in Gaza; U.S. is the ONLY “no” vote.

That’s because the U.S. is a direct accomplice to every war crime that Israel commits.


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Happy 25th birthday, Daniel Jacob Radcliffe.  (July 23, 1989)
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Why do dudes always wanna know your bra size tho, what are they gonna do, buy you bras?? Cause that would be very helpful bras cost a lot of money i would save a fortune

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Chris Pratt Interrupts Interview To French Braid Intern’s Hair

Be more appealing, Chris Pratt, I dare you.

The Summer of Pratt rages on and I see no end in sight. The Summer of Pratt could last until 2016 for all I know or care. 

May the Summer of Pratt never end.

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Carefree Black Girls Cabinet




Vice President 


Secretary of State


Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff




Director of Homeland Security 


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Anonymous → That was actually a really good question. What rights do men have that women don't have?


Like I said, I already answered it. But I guess a lot of people didn’t bother to read it, so here it is again. Maybe pay some fucking attention this time.

  • In some parts of the world, women can not:
  •      drive a car
  •      leave the house without being escorted by a man
  •      vote
  •      own property
  •      obtain a divorce without her husband’s permission
  • there are places where women are put in prison for being raped, or even forced to marry their rapist
  • there are places where marital rape and abuse against women are perfectly legal
  • in this country, legislation is constantly being passed saying what cis women/people with vaginas can and cannot do with their own bodies, when so such legislation is ever passed for men
  • cis women/people with vaginas are denied certain types of birth control in some states if they’re not married, but do you think unmarried men are ever denied condoms or Viagra?
  • many employers will not cover multiple forms of birth control, which is used for multiple medical purposes other than just contraception, but they will cover erectile dysfunction meds, which are used ONLY for sex - cis women/people with vaginas are punished for having sex, men are free to do as they please
  • IN FACT: Bills regulating cis women’s/people with vaginas’ bodies in 2013 alone: 624 - Bills regulating men’s bodies since the dawn of time: 0
  • How about this gem: employers cannot technically fire a cis woman/pregnant person for being pregnant, HOWEVER, they CAN fire her/them if her/them pregnancy prevents her/them from not being able to lift more than 60 lbs, and you’re not supposed to lift for than 20 during pregnancy - a man CANNOT lose his job if he has a disability that prevents him from being able to lift that much
  • And don’t even get me STARTED on the wage gap, which varies depending on your race - men make more than women as a whole, but then white women make more than black women, who make more than latina women - it’s a disgrace
  • and WoC are fighting battles that white women have already won
  • and so are trans women, who are in an eternal battle to even be TREATED like real women, which of course they are just as much real women as cis women are
  • and non-binary people with vaginas need and deserve all the same bodily autonomy rights that women need and deserve as well

Once again, this was a list I made off the top of my head in about 10 minutes or so. So I’m not exactly sure why people are asking. It’s about as basic as it gets.

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James Blake - Retrograde

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"You get a strange feeling when you’re about to leave a place. Like you’ll not only miss the people you love but you’ll miss the person you are now at this time and this place, because you’ll never be this way ever again."
Azar Nafisi (via impermanentbliss)
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Siri find me some self confidence

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My indianness is different from yours


She totters and stumbles into my space as I sit reading up on Dr. Thomas, the Nobel prize winning father of stem cell transplantation.
‘Have you watched Dil Chata Hai?’
‘No’ I tell her
I don’t know Hindi.
‘Excuse me?’ She says, and I fear she hasn’t heard me. ‘no,’ I say.
Then I understand she didn’t mean that excuse me as a conventional excuse me, she was taunting. When the tone registers, I smile tiredly, quietly letting her have her moment.
‘You have time to watch stupid movies like cocktail and you have never watched Dil Chata Hai?’
‘That movie came out when I was barely aware that there were languages beside my own,’ I wanted to refute, ‘by all means, I will watch it with subtitles now,’
‘The production house for that movie has made a Marathi movie, you know, na?’
‘How can you not know?’ She asks surprised, but the real question is ‘how can you exist without knowing these things that define your indianness?’
I shrug and let it be. Later, the implicit question comes back to me. How can you exist with knowing these things that define your indianness?
But your indianness is different from my indianness. You call it Sadi and I say Saree, pronounced affirmatively, it becomes the ‘yes’ of a kannada ‘Sari’ or a pleasing Tamil ‘Cheri’ , transitioning into an English ‘cherry’ or ‘sorry’. Many languages communicate in me, but I do not gloat these quiet knowledges.
I don’t tell you the colors of my childhood, I don’t expect you to know how hayagreeva tastes like in select secret temple offerings, or why Ajji keeps Ramanunde on a brass plate by the sanctum, or why I enjoy cracking up over putani agent 1 2 3 on television every children’s day. I don’t expect you to know who chamundeshwari is and why mysoreans worship her, who wodeyar is, and what sort of poetry bendre made. You won’t understand jasmines in hair, plaits greased with coconut oils. But then, this is my indianness.
My indianness is Kadlekai parishe on bull temple road, scanning show timings for Simhadriya Simha at Urvashi talkies. My indianness is togribele Saaru, vendekkai palya. My indianness is memorizing juttu padma’s insults and engaging in housewife gossip with subbalakshmi aunty. My indianness is committing Jayakolhapuranilaye to memory.
I haven’t watched Dil Chata Hai.

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